Marching towards a better understanding and appreciation for Canada's military.

There are stories to be told, and much to learn about Canada's military history. The Canadian Military Exhibition brings together historians and military experts, those who have served, and those who continue to serve with the various branches of the Canadian Armed Forces, to bring you a more complete picture of events. ...past, present, and future.

Canadian soldiers march into Holten-Rijssen, Holland, April 1945. Photo Public Domain.


Photo courtesy Danielle Dionne

Who We Are

Here at the Canadian Military Exhibition, we are inspired by our military history, the traditions and culture that is a part of our Canadian story.


As a civilian, non-profit organisation, we are interested in the people of Canada's military, those who have lived the events we know well. Some survived, some did not. We want to tell their stories, and we want to understand what they went through, to lead us to where we are today.


 We strive to build productive relationships with military and civilian organisations, and make to a positive impact through the stories we tell. With the aim of making events accessible to all, we invite all who would be interested to join us!

What We Do

The Canadian Military Exhibition aims to create entertaining, and educational events that can be enjoyed by the whole family. We love music, live shows, and speakers conferences on military history - our history. Let us hear from the experts; from those who have lived it, and from those who are doing it now. They share their stories, their music, their knowledge, and we love it!

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Photo courtesy the collection of the FCMM 2013

Highland Dress, BlackWatch RHR Museum and Archives , from the photo collection of the FCMM  2013

Demonstrations and Presentations

We also like cool technology! It's nice to have friends in high places! Air show and big machines, equipment of all sort...drills, exercises and demonstrations. Stay tuned for our next big event!

Photo Nicolas Lafond 45ieme Nord, from the private collection of Barry Meldrum, 2014

Museums  and Conferences

Under construction. Please check back shortly.

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Canadian soldiers on Juno Beach, after D-Day, 1944. Photo public domain.

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